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A simple, time-saving tool that people love to use

iAbacus is interactive, engaging and a joy to use. It’s based on a real abacus, so people start using it immediately and instinctively. They slide beads to evaluate performance – then add their evidence, analysis and action planning. There are no complex dashboards, or mind-boggling menus. Everything about iAbacus can be learned in a matter of minutes. See for yourself why people love using this tool with a free trial account.

A universal approach for everyone in school

Headteachers, middle leaders, teachers – even learners – use iAbacus to evaluate and improve what they do. Our universal approach to self-evaluation and strategic action planning can be applied to any aspect of school provision or personal performance. Try any of these applications in your free trial account.

Discover operational intelligence that goes deeper than the data

The problem with data is that it only shows what’s already happened – not why it’s happening. That’s why iAbacus focuses on professional insights – diagnosing why things are happening and how they can be improved. iAbacus empowers users and at the same time provides leaders with operational intelligence based on human insight. The best way to see this in action is to book a demonstration.

Empower people and build their capacity

Our step-by-step process was developed during 40 years of working in schools. It coaches people every step of the way as they evaluate performance, diagnose barriers to success and plan actions strategically. Unlike ‘top-down’ tools which focus on evidence and accountability, our approach empowers people – building their capacity for sustainable self-improvement. Experience the process yourself with a free trial account.

Harness the power of teamwork & collaboration

iAbacus simplifies the whole collaboration process – making it quick and easy for teams to work together on shared evaluations and action plans.  Inviting someone to collaborate is as simple as entering their email address. With flexible permissions built-in, you can easily control who does what. See the collaboration tools in action with a free trial account.

Create beautiful reports people want to read

iAbacus generates evaluations and action plans that are clear, concise and perfect for sharing with others. It takes seconds to export a PDF document which you can print or email to colleagues. It’s the simplest way to establish a common format for evaluations and action plans across your whole school or group of schools. Take a look at the sample reports in your free trial account.

Created and supported by experts in self-evaluation and strategic planning

We’re experts in all aspects of self-evaluation and strategic action planning and we’re here to help. We’ll customise iAbacus to meet your exact requirements. Whether it’s tailoring a template, customising criteria or generating guidance – our team are on hand. We’ll also deliver web-based training to every one of your users – at no extra charge. See what else is included on the pricing page.

The simplest, most effective self-evaluation and improvement planning tool


iAbacus® works in a browser – just login at www.iabacus.me.


Safe and Secure

iAbacus® is hosted at Rackspace on our own dedicated secure server.

Fully Supported

iAbacus® comes with email, phone and live chat support.


iAbacus® can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

Device Friendly

iAbacus® works automatically on most mobile phones and tablets. 

Low Cost

iAbacus® costs as little as £2 per month per user. See our pricing page.

"The unique selling point about iAbacus is that staff use it!"

Alan Black – Headteacher

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About Us

iAbacus Wales is an Opeus product. We’ve been working with schools for over 20 years and have a range of innovative solutions used in over 1000 schools.