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The price of iAbacus® depends on the number of users you require and your type of organisation. Click here for an instant quote for your setting.

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10% or 20% Discount

Most schools use iAbacus® for year on year self-evaluation and action planning, so purchasing it for a complete cycle of 2 or 3 years leads to a benefit of 10 or 20% discount. 

 Group Discounts

Groups of schools purchasing iAbacus® together benefit from a group discount. For more information – please contact us.

What’s included?


On-boarding Service

We’ll roll our sleeves up and help you deploy iAbacus across your school. We’ll create bespoke templates, handouts for staff – anything you need.


Unrestricted Usage

Your staff will have full, unrestricted use of iAbacus. They can use it to create evaluations and action plans for any aspect of their work.


Access to ALL templates

You’ll have access to our growing library of iAbacus® templates. These cover almost every aspect of school effectiveness or personal performance.


One-to-one webinars

Every one of your users can request a one-to-one webinar with an iAbacus® expert. These sessions are highly motivational and reassuring for staff.


Bespoke Customisation

We’ll customise iAbacus® to suit your school’s requirements. Just let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll show you how it can be done.


Immediate Live Help

Your staff can contact us at anytime by email, phone or live chat. We don’t rely on forums and ticket systems – just pick up the phone and call us.

iAbacus Templates

About Us

iAbacus Wales is an Opeus product. We’ve been working with schools for over 20 years and have a range of innovative solutions used in over 1000 schools.