iAbacus is simple and intuitive.

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1. Choose your template

Start by choosing one of the ready-made Welsh templates for improving school provision or personal performance. 

2. Record your judgement

Record your judgement by sliding a bead to the appropriate level.  Then, review the criteria to check the accuracy of your judgement. 

3. Add your evidence

Add evidence to support your judgement by entering a short text summary, uploading file attachments and including web-links. 

4. Add your analysis

Diagnose what’s affecting performance by analysing factors that help or hinder in this area. 

5. Add your action planning

Create an action plan by choosing one of the helping or hindering factors, then describing what you plan to do about it. 

Create reports

Create clear and concise PDF reports which combine your evaluation and action plan, by clicking on the “Create Report” icon. 

Collaborate online

Collaborate online with others by inviting them to access your abacus and choosing what they’re allowed to do. 

Compare multiple abacuses

Compare performance across groups of users by combining multiple abaci onto one central abacus. 

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About Us

iAbacus Wales is an Opeus product. We’ve been working with schools for over 20 years and have a range of innovative solutions used in over 1000 schools.